New world, new strategy

"New world, new strategy", the overall theme of the 25th Universal Postal Congress, aptly reflects the tremendous changes affecting today's global postal sector and the need for Posts worldwide to adapt to a new reality as the communication landscape mutates.

Traditional letter-post volumes are declining and the digital era is creating upheaval on the business. But evolving customer needs and technological advances are also creating unique opportunities for postal operators worldwide. 

Delegates at the 25th Universal Postal Congress will focus on the challenges the postal sector faces today to remain viable and deliver the services people and businesses need and want in a world of constant change.

The governments of the UPU's 192 member countries will be asked to adopt the Doha Postal Strategy, defining a four-year roadmap for improving quality of service, expanding existing and developing new services, and reforming the postal sector, among other issues. 

At the same time, a vast reflection will already begin on where to go after 2016, with a ministerial conference asking postal decision-makers how they see the future.