The global postal network - key figures

The UPU annually collects operational data from the postal operators of its 192 member countries. The different postal network in the world together make up the largest physical distribution network on the planet.

The evolution of postal e-services

A 2011 UPU study provides insight into Posts' capacity to innovate to meet new customer demands.

Postal financial inclusion

Posts worldwide are helping people gain access to financial services, and often in places where no formal banking institutions are present. Such services contribute to stimulating the economy and reducing poverty.

Postal services in Arab countries

There are 18,443 post offices in the Arab region, comprising 2.8% of the world total. Each one serves an average of 19,685 inhabitants, compared to the worldwide average of 10,614. Each year, these post offices process 1.2 billion domestic letters, 190 million international letters, 900,000 domestic parcels and 480,000 international parcels.