UPU praises postal operators at security awards ceremony

05.09.2018 - Postal operators from around the world were rewarded for their tireless dedication to postal security at an awards ceremony held during the Second Extraordinary Congress in Addis Ababa.

Each of the operators, represented by individuals drawn from delegations attending the Congress, were invited to step forward and receive a certificate from the UPU Director General Bishar A. Hussein, and Stephen Anderson on behalf of the Chair of UPU’s Postal Security Group.

In his remarks, Mr. Hussein said the postal operators “are the first Posts to be awarded these certificates of recognition, and I would like to congratulate these members on this historic accomplishment, and also encourage all Posts to participate in the security certification program.”

He described the awards as a significant development and recognized “A new UPU program to certify Posts which demonstrate compliance with UPU Security Standards S58 and S59, recently approved and implemented.”

The following postal operators received certificates during the ceremony: Correo Argentino, Barbados Postal Service, Correos de Costa Rica, Servicio Postal Mexicano, DINACOPA, Thailand Post, Correos del Ecuador, and IPOSTEL – Venezuela.

Posts need minimum security standards to protect postal employees and the public; ensure business resiliency; and safeguard the global postal supply chain from theft, tampering, misuse (including bombs and incendiary devices), and threats to aviation.

UPU’s Security Manager Tripp Brinkley, speaking to UPU News after the event said, “The postal sector is one of the world’s largest logistical operations and a serious threat affecting one postal operator could harm the entire network.”    

“These postal operators have demonstrated a commitment and investment to ensure the safety and security of their operations,” added Mr. Brinkley.        

Section 58 of those security standards define the minimum requirements for critical facilities, whereas Section 59 lays down standards on the requirements for securing operations connected to the transport of international mail. The standards were agreed at the 2012 UPU Congress in Doha.

On the same day, the UPU Director General, the Deputy Director General Pascal Clivaz and Claude Isaac Dé, the Minister of Digital Economy and Post, Cote d’Ivoire, signed an Ecom@Africa agreement.

Through the Ecom@Africa initiative UPU is helping to build a close partnership between governments and national postal operators. The initiative works with key stakeholders using its operational readiness for e-commerce (ORE) methodology to assess and improve the capacity of national postal operators to support e-commerce development.

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